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WC Fields Effanbee Doll 1980  

This is WC Fields made by Effanbee in 1980. He is in very good condition. His box has some damage on the lid. The cello is missing a corner and the rest has been taped back in. The doll is in unplayed with or very light play condition. As you can see the original tag is still attached. The doll has ceramic head, hands and legs, with a cloth body. If you have any questions just ask.

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In this section you will find dolls and bears as I can get them listed. If you are looking for something specific please email and ask. I may have it around here already. If not I will be happy to ad it to things I'm hunting for list.
Vintage Doll with Crochet Toilet Paper Cover Dress
This cute little doll is in great condition. She has sleep eyes and painted on shoes. Here dress is made so that you slip a roll of toilet paper under her skirt to hold it out and hide the extra roll within easy reach.
Price: $20.00
Price: $40.00